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Phaser Pedals

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BBE Soul Vibe
The Soul Vibe is a vintage vibe/rotary speaker simulator known for its chewy phase-like textures made popular in the late ‘60s and ‘70s by such players as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Robin Trower. ...
Price:  $129.99
Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
The Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal is jam-packed with vintage and modern phasing effects, including Rise and Fall modes for unique, unidirectional phasing. Syncing these phasing effects is as simple as tapping the Boss PH-3 pedal to tempo. Includes classic multistage phasers with selectable stages. Boss gives you a 5-year warranty with the PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal. ...
Price:  $129.00
Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter Phaser
4 stage OTA Based phaser ala the Ross Phaser and DOD 490 (Circuit is loosely based on both of these). Two LFO speeds that can go from painfully slow to ridiculously fast. Dry kill switch to get vibe/vibrato effect, depending on where the controls are set. ...
Price:  $185.00
Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone
Get the sound that made the Classic 1970 Small Stone famous in a smaller more affordable package! Generates thick sweeping phase shifting with liquid transparency. ...
Price:  $78.00
Electro-Harmonix Stereo Polyphase Pedal
Brings cascading sweeps and gorgeous, panoramic imaging through stereo outputs. User defined start and stop ranges allows you to sculpt the phase shifting to fit your music. Optical circuitry provides a wide dynamic range making the Polyphase ideal for hot output keyboards. Switch selectable LFO, envelope follower and expression pedal control. ...
Price:  $192.75
Empress Effects Phaser
Redefining the phaser effect from the ground up, Empress Effects has created a phaser unlike anything else on the market. Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Choose between 2 stage, 4 stage or an Empress exclusive 3 stage mode; all controllable via tap tempo sweeping through an impressive set of 8 waveforms. ...
Price:  $349.00
Greenhouse Effects Retro Sky
Over 1000 millisecond of analog voiced delay, built to replicate the classic analog delay tone in a small package with some extra magic- A built in phaser! ...
Price:  $184.99
Homebrew Electronics Psilocybe Phase Shifter
Relive the sounds of the past with the Homebrew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser Pedal. Everything from 60's psychedelic ala Jimi, groovy 70's funk, to the classic Van Halen sounds of the 80's ...
Price:  $172.00
Jam Pedals Retro Vibe (Custom Finish)
An original UniVibe clone with an added twist, made with the original transistors 2SC828 and carbon comp resistors for pure vintage tone! This one features a one-of-a-kind custom hand-painted finish. ...
Price:  $360.00
Jam Pedals Ripple
A modern inspiration to the original MXR Phase 45 with many alterations made to the original circuit design. A truly unique phaser with vibe-like tones. ...
Price:  $210.00
Keeley Phaser
Swirl with deep rich phasing or rock out to some cutting, agressive phasing. Speed it up, slow it down with a brake-like function, tap in a phase rate/tempo. Perfection to your own tone with the edge control, now you can be in a unique place...from the first most mellow phasers to the edgiest ones ever thought of. ...
Price:  $249.00
Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser (Hand wired)
The Tiny Orange Phaser is especially tuned for electric guitar. The tone is very musical and balanced thanks to carefully hand matched parts in the circuit. With the three controls you can fine-tune the phaser effect to your taste. Like all Mad Professor pedals TOP is hand made in Finland using only premium components, to give years of trouble free operation with superb musical tone. ...
Price:  $398.00
Malekko Omicron Analog Phaser
Introducing the Malekko Omicron Series Analog Phaser pedal. Small and simple to use, this all analog, true bypass 4 stage phaser packs quite a punch, and all in a super-small little package. ...
Price:  $120.00
Mojo Hand FX Nebula IV Phaser
The Nebula IV is an all-analog 4-stage phaser that produces vintage-style phase tones with controls for depth, rate and volume level. ...
Price:  $159.95
Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser
Amazing Phase tone! Accentuating and sweeping through the harmonics of any musical source, the motion of this revolutionary phase shifter can be controlled by Envelope, LFO or a blend of both. The EP2 pedal is a complete re-design of our Envelope Phaser c ...
Price:  $249.00
ProTone Phase Shifter
The ProTone Phase Shifter provides swirling transparent phase shifting goodness with ageless, creamy tone. Sounds from the psychedelic '60s & the funkalicious '70s to the atomic punk eruption of the '80s and beyond are all at your finger tips. ...
Price:  $186.15
Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser
An analog phaser and tremolo pedal with a unique combination of the two - tremophase. Three rotary controls: Velocity, Trajectory, and Cosmology allow you to dial up infinite phase possibilities. ...
Price:  $299.95
Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine
Optical Phase Shifter with a Classic 70's Voice. Adds dimensional shimmer and syrupy swirl, from hypnotic slow to dizzying fast ...
Price:  $229.00
Skreddy Pedals Paradigm Shift
(Please NO discount codes). A deep, lush phase shifter that approximates the sound of the late 60's Univox Uni-Vibe but is not a clone of that circuit. This is a new design completely original to Skreddy! ...
Price:  $269.00
T-Rex Tremonti Phase Shifter
The Mark Tremonti signature phase shifting pedal by T-Rex. A versatile phaser that produces classic to modern phase tones. ...
Price:  $279.00


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